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Planning a visit to Madagascar? Need transportation? You have come to the right place. Contact mamytours and we will arrange your transportation need.

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Mamy's Invitation

I invite you to discover Madagascar on board of my 4x4 vehicles!

Before offering transportation to tourists visiting Madagascar, I worked for many years as a tour guide in the National Ranomafana Park. Being an experienced tour guide, I am more than capable of explaining all the different species of animals and plants that exist on the island. I know the local culture very well and can further enlightened you with the local customs.


Madagascar is one of the Indian ocean Islands which has an unique biodiversity. It is a very interesting destination that will satisfy your thirst for discovery. In Madagascar not only you can explore the natures but also the Malagasy cultures. Madagscar is the island where you can find variety of Lemurs, different species of Baobab, orchids and medicinal plants, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and also the famous Fosa(the largest predator on the island). This website was created to get us in contact so that we can give you more information about Madagascar.